Example of the game using a BSC connected wallet

How To Play

RopePull is a DeFi spin on the classic game of Tug of War. Pick a team and contribute to the pool to pull the rope in your team's direction. If the team you contributed to wins, you'll get a portion of the losing team's pool proportional to the amount of the winning pool your contributions made up. For example, if you contributed 10% of the winning team's pool, you'll get your original contribution back, plus 10% of the losing pool. If you lose, however, you will get nothing.

While the game may seem deceptively simple, there are a couple of mechanics to be aware of. In order to pay for development and hosting, the developer receives 3% of the entire pool. While this may seem like a large amount, it also serves to keep larger players from throwing in huge sums of money to snipe the reward from players who could contribute less. It creates a diminishing return for people trying to throw the game.

If you have not yet chosen a team you should try to join the losing side to maximize your reward; your reward diminishes if you join a team with more value. You cannot switch teams after joining, so make sure that you can sleep at night knowing you picked your favorite. You can claim your winnings by clicking the "Claim Winnings" button that will appear after the game has ended.

Is This Safe?

The smart contract for every RopePull event can be viewed by clicking on the contract address at the top of the page. At the moment it's not feasible to run a node solely for this game, so a connection to MetaMask is required to view data. MetaMask will never make a transaction that you do not authorize.

Need to get in touch?

If you need to contact the developer, please reach out to austinseabolt@outlook.com